Sunday, June 28, 2009

a very busy week but also very very fun!!!

The start of a very fun but busy week...this week i was at my nanny job m-w-f and my Wind Crest Retirement Home job m-s and i over night baby sat Thursday and Friday night Saturday during the day. i was a very busy girl but on top of that i spent all day Tuesday up in Broom Field spending the day with my niece Payton May! and Thursday early afternoon visiting one of my teachers who had just had twins! what a fun week it would be even with being busy!!!

These first couple of pictures of Payton and i enjoying a morning of a cup of milk a bowl of cereal and ELMO!!! she is such a cutie even with messing bed head. she is a little princess for sure...through and through!!!

giving her some loves above and she is giving me a precious little Payton i wave you Caree look below!she is showing off a cheese for the camera!
Payton enjoying her wagon ride to the pool!!! What a cutie and she picked out her little chicken hat to wear.
She was nervous at first about jumping into the water even though it was nice and warm she just kicked around on the side but from the pictures below you can tell she got in and had lots of fun...sorry i love my niece so much that i thought all the picture were super cute and i wanted to share it all!

Drying off after fun at the pool!
After getting ready from playing at the pool we headed back out in the wagon for the park and the store! When Auntie comes to visit she has to spoil her niece and take her to do everthing she wants to do!

Playing on the slide after the swings she had a lot of fun climbing the play set again and again...i knew nap time would be good later!

I took this picture only for the fact i was really proud of the job i did on Paytons hair. i have a hard enough time doing my own hair let alone a squirly little girls! but the part is strait the braids are even and not falling out and to top it off i put a cute matching head band in! go Auntie Carlee!!!!
After we were at the park we continued our wagon ride to the store to ride the pony. On our way like she was professional at going to the store she grabbed her size basket and went right into the store and turned towards the ponies!!! once she parked her cart she hopped onto the pony and said "Give me my pennies! i need to ride the horse please!" she rode the horse 6 times there was a line after...just kidding...luckly the store had two horses or there would have been a line!

Riding in the wagon back home!
After nap time which ended up being over 2 hours (i napped too) we played in her room with all her many babies!
Can you find the little girl playing/hiding in her closet full of babies?
She told me..."Caree kiss it! needs loves!"
she is done playing in the closet....notice she is holding her dads monkey from his childhood (it is missing its eyes!)

Visiting my Spanish Mrs. Lychock! i had her for Spanish 2 twice and 3 once. my freshman sophomore and junior year of High School. when i came back for my senior year she was pregnant with twin! how excited. even though i did not have her for class i visited her often to check in on her and see how she was doing. half way through the second semester she left to have the babies...Max and Mia!!!
They are so adorable! I visted her the other week and really enjoyed my time with her and the little ones. I plan on going and visiting her a few more times this summer! look at how cute they are!!! little baby angels! :)

Mia was a little fussy while i was over but Max was all smiles! he and i were buddies for the afternoon. i got to help play with them feed them it was a lot of fun and i really enjoy playing mom! 4 ladies in my ward are going to have babies this summer so I am looking forward to more babies this summer! I am a baby lover i cant wait to be a mom but I'm not ready to get married! that is for sure!

On satrday night we went out with some good family friends! Steve and Lalana! My dad and Steve are best friends! They call each othere and talk every week and plan workout times and they are just so cute together. everyone in the family gives them both a hard time because they are totally meant for each other! just look at them on the couch! My mom and Lalana have become good friends as well because of the guys. they cook together trade reciepes and all other fun stuff. after dinner we came back to the house to relax and chat for a little bit longer. I couldnt help but take a couple pictures when i saw those two lover birds on the couch together. What nuts!

looking forward to girls camp next week!

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