Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missing Home!!!

I got on and looked at my sisters blogs today and the home sickness I have been feeling has just become a bit deeper! seeing pictures of my family all together making new memories with out me just breaks my heart into a million pieces. Danyelle is doing great and so is Jared rocking as a coach! So so so jealous that Jared got them a new puppy so they have two dogs and I have none! But I do have a dog that I got to help take care of for a little while until it found a good home...this is Gabby she is so dang sweet and I love and miss her but I know she is in a great home that needs her! What a wonderful time we had the week of thanksgiving. Courtney and I sure miss our little friend!Shanda and Chad took the girls shopping on black Friday and sad to say I missed black Friday shopping this year! :( Payton got to enjoy her first McDonald's Breakfast ( that is tradition for my sisters and I to get while out black Friday early in the morning!) All though I missed a lot of the fun at home by being at school I still had a good holiday! It was just Courtney and I in our apartment and it was truly bliss!!!! We had a great time relaxing watching movies. We learned about a 100 different ways to cook a turkey on the food network which was really fun and very educational. :) We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking cookies and all sorts of goodies! Gabby sure did enjoy sitting at our feet waiting for us to spill! She did her job very well we didn't have to sweep all week, hehehe!!!Here is a little bit of the mess but I find it made for a great picture and we had lots
of fun with decorating!Oh, and Rexburg got a lot of snow over the week and with all the wind it blew into our entry you can tell you can see some of the sidewalk but our first 5 stairs were covered in snow...that created a fun little adventure for not falling when we attempted to head out.From the mouth of Payton: "Squirrels, I hate squirrels!"
This guy has been hanging around and he gives a fright every time the door is opened and he see and hear him scamper up the wall then he watches as you walk up and down the stairs. It is way creepy! I am just waiting for the day he decides to attack.

Well I think that is all I have to report. I am finishing school off strong and in 10 days I will be home with my family enjoying every moment and getting as much love as I can from my nieces and sister...oh, and mom and dad as well! :) I really am so mom is off the entire time I am home and we are going to have so much fun together I really can't even wait!

...Happy Holidays!

ps...I'm in liked with a guy!!!