Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anna Banana!!!

A fun day at the pool with Miss. Anna Banana Prusse! My older sister Shanda could not pass up the chance to make fun of me when she asked what i was up to the night before when we were chatting on the phone together and i told her i was taking my little friend Anna from church to the pool the next day...being the loving and kind sister she is she told me "Carlee all your friends are 4 or 40!" hahaha Shanda! I love all my little friends in the ward and all my adult friends are the parents of my little friends. what can i say i like the little ones. They are Gods favorite and i know why. they have the sweetest of hearts and souls and love unconditionally! Is it selfish for me to say i like the extra love in my life! Any ways through out the summer there will be lots of pictures of my days out with all my little brothers and sister because really that is what they all are to me! :)Anna and i sitting together in our chairs shairng towels durnign the 5-10 minute life guard break!
Anna is all smiles with a teady gram in each hand! i pick good snacks!

She wanted me to get up off the chair next to her and take another one with her goggles on!
dont forget to check out her blue swim suit it is her favorite because she says "she matches the water with her blue suit and that every one around her will notice taht she blends right in with the pool water!" what a cutie!
This is my favorite picture of the day! it is a little blurry but that is what you get when you ask a mom sitting on the side of pool to take a pic. sooooo, the story behind this lovely picture. We were goofing off in the water and i was going underneath the water and blowing rassberries on her stomach and she would just laugh and laugh and tell me to do it again. i didnt realize i was blowing her suit up. She finally stopped me and told me to look at her while she jumped around in the water being a little girly girl holding her blowen up cleavage! She is a Sassy one for sure! she is going to be a pistol for her mom when she reaches her teen years. She wated a picture for the memory and i couldnt say no to her cute face and her huge chest which was making me laugh just as much as she was. what a cutie pie! i cant wait for our next little date!

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