Thursday, June 11, 2009


How very exciting my senior one can see i choose to go to Hawaii! My parents grandparents and my older sister Danyelle came! it was an amazing trip. lots of time at the beach! many nights of beautiful sunsets! Lang walks along the beach front! Shopping trips to the ABC Store! and much much more! Some pictures to show off the fun time we had. :)

First time in the water!

Fist dive into the water! Clothes and all!

Boogie Boarding at "Big Beach" this is the wave that stole my racing Goggles! needless to say i got a new pair when i got home that i like a lot better and I am still finding sand in my hair from my face to face with the ocean floor!

Snorkeling Day!!! No one can say i did not try to protect myself from the sun. i put that much on every day and more! thus why i did not burn on the trip!
Three cute little Snorkel girls!

A day of walking the ocean strip for a little shopping and a stop to sit and meditate and look out over the wide beautiful ocean.

Dad Danyelle and I went zip lining!
This is our guide Nikki! she was great!

Jump off and hope nothing breaks...we made it back alive needless to say and we had a great view of the tropical forest while we were flying high!

Dad coming in from our last zip...showing off his religion a little bit.

It was a wonderful trip! Aloha until next time!
i suppose the next big trip for me will be to Rexburg Idaho for college!

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  1. HAWAII!?! How fun! I loooove seeing your life through pictures, it makes it feel like I'm kindof there with you. Cute blog, cute family, I love it.