Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be Loyal to the Royal Within!!!

My 7th and final year of girls camp! it was a fun year it was really laid back we did not have anything really planned just a lot of free time to hang out...they had activities we could do if we wish if not the camp was ours! welcome to camp!!!Sister Jones, Myself and Dmac!
That is the tent i set up on my flooding at call or bugs! i did a good job!
Sister Brandt a.k.a Sista B! She was released about 6 months ago as our YW president it was so great having her at camp. She is like another mom to all of us girls!
Left is Sister Griggs our YW president and right is Sister Holub camp director!
Scary Mara eating her finger she cut making dinner!
Happy Mara with her finger she cut making dinner!
Writing letters to put in girls mail boxes!Natalie...Mara!
Funny faces and a great butt shot! these two are a riot to be around~
A little bit of goofing around before the hike waiting for our missing camp directer to show up! Danielle and I doing our oh so flattering tongue face and miss Kylene doing her gangsta poss below! what a nut head!

All of us girls stop for a picture on the hike to please all of our leaders who wanted a group shot!

Our hike was up to Turquoise lake because of the cloud coverage the water does not look all that cool but when the sun is out shining on it it is beautiful! We camped at the same place we did the year before! It was really something!

Pinata Ball!!! this was my favorite part of camp...4 hours of Pinata ball! leaders against girls. (not everyone played and many came and went but there were a few of us who were faithful and played the entire game.) So the game started out as softball with a...i cant spell the name of the of the ones that have hole in it! Well Jessica a 6th year hit a home run with it and broke it into two pieces! So, we went back to the kitchen found some duck tape and also a bag of skittles!!! You are smart you can figure out what we did! we taped it up leaving one hole open out skittles in and then taped it up! It was fun because whenever someone hit it hard enough and the tape would get moved a little you could see skittles fly! it was great fun...and a lot of got taped at least once and inning! This is a great wholesome activity if you have a group of friends!

Forth Years! Ruby Red Divas! They made camp very lively with there made up songs, dancing and much much more!
Third Years!!! Fairytopia!
we are green, we are fairies, WE ARE THE MARINES!
Just Kidding!
there cheer was amazing! I'm trying to find out who recorded it to put on here.
Second Years. Mermaidea!
First Years! Cinderella!
the first years are so cute!! they really didn't have any idea of what they were suppose to be doing! this picture was part of their cheer!
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! were daughters of were holding the rod we know we're going to do. put it together and what do you get? First years will make it through!
Cinderella dancing time Cinderella dancing time Cinderella dancing time! (that is what the picture is)
it was so cute!
This is are amazing camp directer Sister Holub and on the last night when Bishop came up with all the cheers and skits we had a royal ceremony. She knighted all four of our priesthood holders who were up the last night with special respect the ladies, to always be in their place, to not say that something isn't heavy when we think it is, to kill all spiders with bravery! hilarious
look at them with those swords they were feeling very brave...ready to fight off any bears that made their way into camp!
The leader over each year got caps of righteousness!
lastly but most importantly! Bishop was Crowned King of our camp ground and of our ward!

it was a really fun last year of camp! The theme was super cute and it was nice that it was just ward camp and not the entire stake...that is to many girls! I will be missing these girls when i head off to school but it was a great last big memory!

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