Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Day!

The big day finally came. this was a day i will definitely remember. Most likely because it is a day I've been waiting four years to come and finally happen. the Date was May 22nd, 2009 a beautiful day it was. it rained buckets the day before and after but it was scorching and all my family got burnt...i find that funny because they are always the ones telling me to put sun screen on and i was the one who did not end up burning.
Our class valedictorian graduated with a 4.362 i would just like to say... "WOW" ...we also had some great songs and speeches. On our family trip to Hawaii after graduation everyone was still singing..."Don't stop believin'" by Journey! it made for a lot of bad singing for the trip!!!
Best Part:
1. I'm a High School Graduate
2. I'm going to the college of my dreams BYUI
3. I have extreme Passion for the career I am going into
4. I'm about to start my journey out in the real world
5. I think it is time for pictures!!!

Walking down a lot of stairs and a ver steep heels! this graduation could have landed me in the hospital!
I have my diploma!

The whole family together for a picture: left to right ( in law, Shanda...sister, Jared...Danyelles boy friend, Danielle...sister, ME, Mom, Dad, Grandma Mae, Grandpa Bert. Bottom Payton...favorite niece!!!)

My number one fan...wearing my hat!

Best Friends!!! supporting each other on important days in each others lives...with lots of hugs and kisses xoxo

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  1. Good job Boo! We are proud of you! Keep up with the bloggin - good way to keep up on all your doings!