Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Tune Up Tri!!! part two

The first tri of the fun and exciting! to be honest i really did not train for this at all. I have swam about once a week since swim team. I have been running only because of my two gym classes this semester and the last time i road my bike before race day was August 9th of 2008 last years tri my first ever. So i really did not think i would do very well. but because of trying out for the school swim team this year i was a much better swimmer and my time for the 500 was 10 and a half minutes so my start time for jumoing in the water race day was 7 am and my dads start time was 8:12 i was very excited i was starting before him. it kept me motivated that i did not want him passing me with an hour head start. I ended up doing really good. i am very proud of myself!

I was so excited about the the swim part of the race! 1st because i was wearing my new pair of goggles because the ocean stole my other pair. 2nd i have the sweetest swim cap ever!

Here is my dad and i the transition area he is talking to me and giving me a mojo talk before i head out on the bike and run and I am telling him all about the swim while i dry off and put my socks and shoes on...oh yeah my shorts and t-shirt no way am i riding in just my racing suit!

Mounting my bike at the mount and dismount area. lets just say I am very happy my mom was taking a picture right now and not a video because i could not get on my bike for the life of me and start peddling going up hill. i should have ran fifteen more feet and jump on going down hill. Once i was on i looked around to see how many people saw my struggle on to my bike.

the 13 mile bike loop is two six and a half mile loops. this is me passing by the recreation center for the start of my second lap.

This is my dad on his swim. he started swimming when i was almost finished with my bike. How ever fast you swim determines when your start time is. the faster you are the sooner you start in the morning!

Coming into the final turn before the finish line of the 5k and the final end to the whole race!
Here is dad coming in an hour after me for his finish.

With it all being swam, biked and ran my dad and i checked our times to see how we did. i did better than i thought i would and he did worse. my time was 2hours and 1minute. Dad finished in 1hour and 44minutes. I'll get him next month because i will have trained for the next one. I love the Highlands Ranch Run Series! They put on the best events!

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