Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missing Home!!!

I got on and looked at my sisters blogs today and the home sickness I have been feeling has just become a bit deeper! seeing pictures of my family all together making new memories with out me just breaks my heart into a million pieces. Danyelle is doing great and so is Jared rocking as a coach! So so so jealous that Jared got them a new puppy so they have two dogs and I have none! But I do have a dog that I got to help take care of for a little while until it found a good home...this is Gabby she is so dang sweet and I love and miss her but I know she is in a great home that needs her! What a wonderful time we had the week of thanksgiving. Courtney and I sure miss our little friend!Shanda and Chad took the girls shopping on black Friday and sad to say I missed black Friday shopping this year! :( Payton got to enjoy her first McDonald's Breakfast ( that is tradition for my sisters and I to get while out black Friday early in the morning!) All though I missed a lot of the fun at home by being at school I still had a good holiday! It was just Courtney and I in our apartment and it was truly bliss!!!! We had a great time relaxing watching movies. We learned about a 100 different ways to cook a turkey on the food network which was really fun and very educational. :) We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking cookies and all sorts of goodies! Gabby sure did enjoy sitting at our feet waiting for us to spill! She did her job very well we didn't have to sweep all week, hehehe!!!Here is a little bit of the mess but I find it made for a great picture and we had lots
of fun with decorating!Oh, and Rexburg got a lot of snow over the week and with all the wind it blew into our entry you can tell you can see some of the sidewalk but our first 5 stairs were covered in snow...that created a fun little adventure for not falling when we attempted to head out.From the mouth of Payton: "Squirrels, I hate squirrels!"
This guy has been hanging around and he gives a fright every time the door is opened and he see and hear him scamper up the wall then he watches as you walk up and down the stairs. It is way creepy! I am just waiting for the day he decides to attack.

Well I think that is all I have to report. I am finishing school off strong and in 10 days I will be home with my family enjoying every moment and getting as much love as I can from my nieces and sister...oh, and mom and dad as well! :) I really am so mom is off the entire time I am home and we are going to have so much fun together I really can't even wait!

...Happy Holidays!

ps...I'm in liked with a guy!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Artsy Fartsy!

So I have an amazing class this semester it is elementary art methods so I have lots of fun projects that I am doing all week long this is one that I really like how it turned out! We had to make a small box that represents us!
Thank you Danielle MacDonald for all the cute wrapping you always wrapped my gifts in because I used it for my project! The purple and green are all me so it worked perfectly! I love bows so I made two on it. I LOVE how it turned out!

Hot water blow out!

So I have lived in the apartment I am in now for about 6 months and we have always had this weird goo growing from our hot water tank I was just waiting for the day it was going to explode...well that day came a few weeks ago...we got a slow leek from it! Maintenance came and fixed it and we have a nice new tank with out anything strange growing from it. Yeah! three buckets of water in just a little over 6 hours! wow

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

163 Tires!!!

Okay so as you all must know I am a long distance runner but what you don't know is that I have a fear that while I am running a car will pass and its tire will blow and kill, I have a problem with noticing tires on the side of the road. Last week I flew to Indiana to visit Courtney and then we drove cross country back to Idaho for school. After I pointed out the first 5 or so tires Courtney suggested that we make a tally of all the tires we saw on the trip...163 tires between IN and ID!!! We also have a tire currently in our hall way because today while on a bike ride Megan and I saw a tire and we just could not pass it up so we picked it up and biked with it for 3 1/2 miles back to my apartment and I have a wonderful tire scrap above my is a great addition to my room! anyways...enjoy my couple of pictures of tires and our tally sheet!

Please notice the tally is backwards because I took the picture with photo booth so it is like looking in a mirror! heheheOH, I saw so many tires like this on my trip!
...remember to look for the tires when you are out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes!

So another late blog...but better late than never! So it was Antons birthday almost a month ago and Brianna and I were talking about what we should do. Being the girl that I am and loving to bake I said I would make the cake! In deciding what kind of cake to make I remembered a little cup cake project I had wanted to do but didn't get the chance...I decided I would make cup cakes rather than cake! I got started on a special cup cake cream cone cup cakes!!!! I made yellow cake batter than split it into 5 bowls. Turning each bowl a color (purple, blue, pink, lime green and yellow) then I started putting the colors into the cones and get multi colored cones if you don't mix them together! but them in the oven for the time you would for regular cup cakes (give or take a minute) and then you have ice cream cone cup cakes! That are fun colored. Then all you have to do is make some frosting and make it a color and you are ready to eat them!!!!Read to rock!
I filled the bottoms up with the yellow because I didn't want the yellow to be seen because it was not as fun to be on top. Then I loaded them up and made designs with the fun colors!
Look how fun they areI was checking on them and I guess I filled them up too high because they ended up looking more like melted ice cream cones! :)
Now I know for next time!
Last I had to make some blue frosting because that is Antons favorite color to but on the tops of them. We really enjoyed all of them. Between Brianna, Anton Courtney and I we ate them one sitting!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well I am really behind on my blogging and I decided I would start blogging again with what I find to be the most exciting thing that has happened since my last post and that is the Dam Marathon! I was a Dam Runner in the Dam Marathon held in Rexburg Idaho...My home where I go to school and spend all my days! I do love it there...anyways!!! I have been wanting to run a marathon for a few years now and I have done a few halves and when I heard there was one in Rexburg I signed right up! I didnt finish in first I was second to last but in my mind I did win! I finished and meet most of my goals! I ran the entire time, I didn't barf, I didn't finish last...the only goal I didn't meet was finishing in under six hours which I am okay with because I did run the entire time! It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!On my in!!!
I did it! I finished!!! 6 hours 23 min 9 secNumber 22...getting my potassium
Danelle...what a cheerleader!
Erika, she is a rock star! She was such a support to me. We went to the the potato dinner the night before together and she signed up and did the 10k in support to me for running! It was such great fun and I loved having her as a partner!
...looking forward to my next race!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have some way amazing friends up here at school and we have taken some pictures on photo booth that I just have to share!!! I love these two girls soooo very much!!!This is my roommate Courtney...she is a peach we have become like sisters and we are so excited to live together in the fall! We cook together, do homework, listen to music, do 'just dance', and so so so much more together!!! we are partners in crime and I am okay with that!Check out the guns!!!we are going to die on the photo booth roller coaster! She is my snuggle friend...many times during the day I get hugs from this girl and I am totally okay with it! I love you Courtney... :)Oh yeah, we laugh....A LOT!!!This is Erika...we do a lot of random things together!One of our favorite things is to chill, eat snow cones, visit and laugh together!
We also share everything...minus underwear!
we actually discussed that the other day...yes, we are random!
This picture says it all with us...totally not paying attention and living the dream!!!

-Thanks for meeting a couple of my friend! I hope you feel you know them a little better and can see two of the many many reasons I love it here in Rexburg at BYUI so very much!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Prison Break!!!

So, I have a new favorite TV show that my roommate got me hooked on....Prison Break!!!! It is seriously amazing. For starters Wentworth Miller the leading actor of Michael Scofield is very easy to look at. Second, the show has a great plot that gets you sucked in and doesn't let you go. Third, there is a little love in it...Sarah Wayne Callies plays Dr. Sara Tancredi. The love story between Michael and Sara is so sweet you just love to see them together and watch the scenes they are both in again and again! This is seriously the best show I recommend it to everyone. I watched all four seasons and the final break in two weeks...I know a little crazy but once you start you just cant stop!!!Try and tell me that you would have a hard time watching him for a couple just cant!
A few pictures of the cutest couple!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo

So Sarah and I decided to dress up and have a little fun on this holiday! The pictures are a little late but wanted to share the fun we had anyways!!!

I'm a gangster, I'm a straight up G
The gangster life is the life for me
Got to love the Mexican Stash!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Projects

I am in a DNA class this semester and I had to make a double helix so this is what I made...I'm so proud and I feel like I am back in elementary school! Which is just fine with me because in a few short years I will be teaching in one! :)

Avatar Carlee!

Okay...I just think this is hilarious! A group of friends and I watched this movie the other night and someone said that they thought there was some site that you could Avatar yourself so we did! It makes me laugh and I wanted to share the laugh with you all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shout Outs!!!

So I was looking through my pictures and was just thinking how much I love college and I have some really amazing friends! I just wanted to make some shout outs to some of my best girls up here!!! and just share some fun times i have been having!

Me, Rachel, Lara, and Kylie
Sunday after church we decided to take pictures because it was our last Sunday together! I love all of the amazing girl friends I have made up here at school!Jump for joy!!Tom and Rachel
The happy couple...we want this to be an engagement picture!
I love this girl...her friendship is what started my more than daily visits to the south side of the building!
Miss Kylie and I went to the comic frenzy to support Elliot and we had lots of laughs! this picture is also for you...i am sporting the double chin look!
Some days you have a good hair day and this day I did and had to document it for sure!Well Breanna and I decided to go curly...we did each others hair one night and oh, how we looked good the next day!My eyes are not open very was still very early!
This is for Meagan, Erika and Noel...sporting the famous "Gommer" look!
Living life in total fasion :)Michele and I at her doctors appointment with her broken arm...this girl can always put a smile on my face!This is from my ward closing social. all semester we have been doing this family history olympics thing and it has been lots of fun. i have learned how to index which i love doing and i have gotten set up to find family member and i have found some and i have gotten to go and do family names at the temple. it has all really been great! but i got first place in my ward for names submitted to the temple. so here i am with my gold medal!

I look forward to many more semester with many more friends! : )