Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun College Weekends!!!

There are some of the updates of the past couple of weekend and what I have been doing with my fun time at school because I do need a break from all the homework, test and class time. Oh Yeah, and with practicing for my calling in church. I am my ward Pianist! Can I just say that I am totally excited but freaking out about it at the same time! Anyways the highlights of the past weekends...a.k.a. everything fun I've done! :)
Fun in our little home:
Lo has a hobby of cake decorating and she had a friend coming into towns who was having a birthday so Lo went to work making in my mind a masterpiece of a cake. she did a super star job on it!
Lindsey colored while I did homework and Lo worked magic with the cake.
Juan came over and visited with us all while Lo worked on her beautiful and tasty cake.
The finished product!
Alis boy (Dan) came up for the weekend. Needless to say we didn't see her much but they do make a very cute couple!

We have had a great time getting into the fun of a small town college. We went and spent our Friday night with a bunch of red necks and watched the derby. It was my first and it was a lot of fun I was hoping for more smashing but it was still really good. Maybe at our next one there will be major car smashing going on.

Check us girls out! It was such a fun night and even better it was fun getting ready and trying on outfits so see what worked best.

This is our crazy Ali she some total out of control moments and I was lucky enough to get it on tape! Which is a great laugh and for others a great scare. That silly girl!!!

Crazy Ali who we love!!!!This is my favorite picture because it was my favorite thing I saw all day. It was a bubbling swamp marsh craziness stuff. But it reminded me of the lamb before time! A favorite from my childhood and I just made me smile and remember the good old days!Sweet Glacier!Carley (a friend of Ali) the rommies:Lindsey, Katie, Lo, Ali and myself!
Everyone stopped and looking at a Glacier! It was really neat. I did hear a few time during the day...oh its fake! They have this all hooked up! Ali and Lo and the Doggy!Ali and her new friend Caydon and his dog. the boy and his family were biking in Yellow Stone for the day and while Ali had her head out the window she happened to cheered on the family and the boy recognized her when we were waiting for old faithful!Ali got man handled a lot on this trip! She was always getting picked up and carried around at least this time she wasn't potato sack style over the shoulder!The big group of Yellow Stone explorers:The most seen site in Yellow Stone "old faithful" what a nice show she put on! Lo and Lindsey watching as it dies down Smiles for the camera!Katie and Ali smiling with a fire in the back ground!That is all the smoke we saw that was from a fire that started while we were at the park. We decided to be fire chasers and go track it down and find it. We ended up not getting to because the roads were closed. But if Yellow Stone burns down we can say we were some of the last tourist to go through and enjoy the beauty of it. :)
I really love my roommate and they have been keeping things fun and have kept me going out and having a fun time. I sure do love them and so excited that we have only had 2 weeks together and so many more still to go!

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