Monday, September 7, 2009

College Home!!!

Welcome to my new home for the next two semesters of college! I am really excited but I am totally going to miss my parents. They are my best friends and mean so much to me. we said good night just a little while ago. So I decided to get to work on taking a few pictures of my room and place to show everyone where i am living so that you can all have a good idea of my new little life. I hope you like it as much as I do!!!When you first walk in there is the living room!Then to the right the moms purse isn't on the table any more! My cupboard area...and NO that is not a coffee maker it is a hot water warmer upper for my hot chocolate! My drawer!My shelf space in the pantry!The bath room that 3 of the six of us share!My room earlier in the day when i was starting to unpack!
The room...finished!!!My supper cute door sign my sister Danyelle made for me for my birthday!What you can see from the open door.My parents and I on my bed right before they left!Me laying on my favorite place while I am at school. My napping and sleeping area!My bed! supper cute stuff. With my name and my sacred grove picture.These are my letters I made this summer to have up in my room!My make shift dresser: socks, underwear, undershirts and work out clothing...basically the necessities of life for me.My may look really full but in reality it isn't you should see my other roommates and you would think I have nothing!The view from out of my closet!My desk area...this is were a lot of pain and torture will occur while here at school!My hamper, little storage thing and the picture the little kids I have fallen in love with through out years of babysitting made for me.
Well this is my place I love it and I am really excited to be living here. This will be an amazing experience!


  1. What a nice place! It looks like fabulous accomodations! Lucky!

  2. I really love this place I am going to really enjoy living here and I am very lucky for sure!

  3. yahoo for school! that's a sweet set-up. You're all moved in :)

  4. It makes us smile to see you so excited! We sure are going to miss you.... stay happy and healthy and close to the Lord and we wont have to worry at all. Lubba you!