Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Adventures of California!!!

For a couple of months now mom and dad have been planing on taking Shanda Chad and Payton to California to go to the San Diego Zoo Sea World and Disneyland. I was lucky enough to go with them. It was a great trip I will always remember and it was an amazing time to get some special family time before I head off to school! This was an amazing bush!!! My Mom and I are planning on doing something very similar with our front bushes but ours will be much better! :)My Monkey Face!The Koala Bears are my favorite and this is the first time I've ever gotten to see one before it was very exciting for me! They are so cute and i could just cuddly with them!The mommy Panda I couldn't get a picture of the baby but it was cute. Payton was really excited about the Panda Bears. Before the trip...actually at my family birthday party we were talking about the trip and the zoo and Payton turned to my mom and said "Grammie you buy me panda shirt" and of course Grammie bought her a panda shirt (the shirt she is wearing at Sea World) At the Petting Zoo part of the Zoo. Payton had a blast chasing all the animals down so she could pet them and give them hugs! Needless to say she took a very good bath that night!The Elephants were really cool! Just so big totally unreal.
Sea World Time:Payton giving Shamu a hug! So Cute! I loved Sea World it was my favorite place we went because of the amazing shows that took place! Absolutely Amazing! Shanda Petting the Dolphin. Really amazing if you ask me to get to touch them. Turtle time!!! I watched this guy for 20 minutes trying to get out of the water over a little lip so he could lay in the sun! I was his cheerleader!I really like this picture but I'm not sure why! but I am looking at the star fish in the little star fish area!
At The Beach:Payton and I sitting next to the sand castle I made after the picture I let her finally destroy it.
Disneyland:Disneyland! Me and the Big Guy Mr. Mickey Mouse!!!Bell Payton and I in the princess land. The number one thing Payton wanted to see at Disneyland that she was always talking about was the princesses! So being the wonderful Auntie that I am...I waited in the hour and a half long line while everyone saw other things and I called them when i was in the front of the line to come and join me! It was totally worth it when i saw Payton smile and run up and give all the Princesses hugs!!! SO SO SO CUTE!!!!And lastly the best part of my trip and the thing I will miss the most when I am up at school is my sweet niece Miss. Payton! I got a lot of special Payton time on the trip lots of loving up on each other. She makes my world! Makes me feel loved! Makes me feel like the most important person in the world when I am with her! How I will miss her when I am gone!
I Love You Payton!!!


  1. It was a fun trip, I love how you and your sisters interact now that your all grown up... makes your dad and I smile. They will be your friends for life! (us too of course) Love the picture of Paytie giving your the big kiss! She sure lays one on your when she wants you to know she lubba you!