Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scooter Temple Ride!

My roommate Katie and I went on a scooter ride last night and we were up at the top of the hill above our place and we looked back saw the temple with the sun set and decided to go back and get our cameras. we got back up and a little further up and our into the harvested fields and took some beautiful pictures of the sunset and the temple then continued on with our little scooter ride...we went we think about a mile which is hard work on a scooter. On the way back home we had to stop again to take a few more pictures of the beautiful temple and a couple on a walk took a picture of us together as well. What a fun little outing we went on! When we got home we loaded our pictures and showed all the roomies what they missed out on. Cant wait until our next ride and more beautiful views of the temple. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
How Amazing I cant wait until I get to go in when I get married!!!


  1. Great pictures of the temple! Love the sunset and the outline of the temple :o) Remember how beautiful and peaceful the Celestial room was when we went through the open house? If you keep your eye's focused on the temple you can never go wrong....

  2. AHH those are SOO beautiful! Oh the temple...

  3. Scooter ride?! Kickin dude. I'm impressed you went up the hill instead of down that big hill right next to it.