Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Been Busy!!! lets see here...

Well between school, homework, test and classes...oh wait those all fall under school! Anyways along with school I have been doing a lot of fun church stuff. Starting with a couple of weekends ago we had a relief society retreat you could call it. We went up to our second counselors cabin about an hour away and spend the night. Only 8 of us ended up going when there are 36 of us but it was a lot of fun and I know some of the girls a lot better now!I decided i need to work on my camera skills...oops! Amanda, Lara and Becky!Tiffany, Katie, Sister Rose, Rachelle who is not looking and Ali
We are making some pizza for dinner!
Bad picture I am no good! :( Lara, Tiffany, Amanda and Becky.
Dancing to Disney songs! A blast for sure! They all had the best voices for all the villains :)
Ali and I found out we are both pepperoni lovers!
Pepperoni eyes!!!!!
We also had some fun coloring after dinner...Lara loves Tinkerbell and all the
other fairies and she did a wonderful job on her Tink!
Tiffany was very proud of her Hello Kitty
Becky drew a picture for us all! She is so sweet!

looking out the back window you can see the little mini river that runs behind the cottage. It was so beautiful...and I felt really cool looking out and knowing why the steam/fog (whatever you want to call it) was coming off the water because of my amazing geography test! Which by the way I got an 83% on the midterm on Friday I hoped to had done better than that because I studied and really new the info but I did my best and that is all anyone asks!
Tiffany admiring the morning beauty as well!
So Amazing!!!!

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  1. Hey you daughter of mine! A 83 is great! Loving what you learn is way more important than a number and understanding it is worth 100%. That picture of the river is sooooo cool it's postcard perfect. OK pictures inside are hard - youhave to hold th camera real still for a long time, I still haven't perfected that! Looks like you had fun, nice girls to get away with :o) Love you - that's for sharing makes me feel like I was there!