Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making the Best of Worst Case Scenario’s!!!!

(ok i have to add this little note before i post!!! not all the videos are up which is a major bummer and why it has taken me so long to post! but I'm so sorry because you are all missing out. anyways if you know how to attach longer videos let me know! other wise enjoy my favorite sisters in the gospel who i love very much!)

I don't know how I will possible make it through going to college leaving my amazing family ward that I've grown up with and love dearly! Just so every one can see what I'm leaving behind here are parts of the skit from last nights relief society enrichment back yard picnic. Our theme was making the the best of worst case scenarios! please sit back relax and enjoy the show and my wonderful sisters in the gospel!

Our activity was based off and fallowed the program out lined in...“The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook”.

There are many excellent tips in this handbook – for example:

How to survive awkward elevator silence, how to repair a dropped cake, how to escape from the trunk of a car, how to remove a fishhook from flesh, how to deal with a screaming baby on an airplane, how to deal with a nightmare coworker, how to free a candy bar stuck in the lunch room machine, how to re purpose a fruitcake, etc. We picked out 5 of many scenarios to act out and recreate for the purpose of teaching and enlightening each other and then to tie it back to a spiritual foundation! After each skit getting taught by women with much knowledge on the subject to help guide us all in right direction.

“How to Fall down a flight of stairs correctly”: Financial ups and downs! Staring Carlee Miller

“How to Penetrate a Crowd to Get the Last Item on the Shelf: Be prepared with
collecting and having a good food storage! Staring Danica McDonald

“How to Fit into Clothing that is Too Tight”: Rotating 72 hour kits and keeping them up to date! Staring Cathy Emmelkamp and Sarah Twiss

These next two scenarios are exactly what they are! Things that we need to know at some point in life that come in handy on there own! :)

"How to survive Baby-Gear Overload": Staring Janelle Weston

“How to Survive Empty Nest Syndrome” and “How to Prevent Reentry”:
Staring Tina Taylor and Janice Ottley

It was a fun night! one that will be remembered by me and all the other women in the ward! we are so lucky to have such an amazing gospel and leaders to guide us today with current revelation! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church for me!

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  1. that's awesome! but you are missing the second-best video of the night :) I believe I could show you how to just clip it and make it small enough to put up. Plus, when you export it you can choose to do so in a size that is amenable to the internet. Seriously - I need to see the video :)