Wednesday, July 22, 2009

crazy dad and his ideas!!!

I am a little behind on my blogging been busy working and reading Harry Potter number 7 because i went and seen the movie which i loved and decided i wanted to remember what happened next. it took me a few days but i finished it up! so hear i am back tracking to the beginning of July before life got busy! So we have 70 feet or taller trees in our back yard and the roots are not very deep in the ground because they find water on top easy enough. With wonderful Colorado weather my dad worried about lightning storms, wind, early and late heavy snows breaking branches off the trees big enough to go through windows and even maybe in his mind take down a full tree. My Mom on the other hand loves the trees so in an agreement neither really liked they are cutting down the 3 on the side of the house and leaving the 5 in the back along the fence. Dad being the handy man he is did not see the point in paying someone to take them down. he went over to Murdocks and got all the hands tools and little things he would need in his adventure of playing Mr. Lumber Jack!!! he called up one of the recently returned missionaries from the ward to come help and they set to work! see what happens below...remember he is doing this so the trees to break or fall and hit the house!!! Enjoy my dad our families entertainment! but we sure do love him!

Here are two of three trees left to come down!!! can you see the little man way up in the tree?a little close up of the man my dad in the tree.they are looking at it as if it were an alien of our house...i don't think that is where they were planning on it landing!
Now dad is on the house hoping 1. that mom does not think to come out and check and see what the tree hit...the house or was just really loud when it hit the ground. 2. that nothing bigger falls on the house! MEN!!!!
this is came down like thunder it was so crazy. we could have taken that branch and replanted it as a full grown tree.
When my dad came down he look at me and said "I though I was going to lose my finger, i pulled it out just in time!"
Gross Daddy!!!
he did some good work...but he has not worked on them since i guess he and i have both been busy!

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