Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilting Club!!!

Since i started my senior year i have been going to enrichment activities i really love them i love the ladies in my ward and i think this is all a lot of fun and it was a good way to get my mom to go because she would come with me so i have always had a little ear in with the relief society! Anyways i had heard that sister was going to start a quilting class/club that meet once a month. I thought would be fun my mom sews and i like to mess around with it a little bit. How ever i was not yet formally in relief society...until i graduated so a couple of months ago i started attending and now i get to go to even more fun activities...i don't understand why some people think relief society is so is great! so this is the second time my mom and i have gone. different people are there each time all at different parts of our blankets!
My Mom and Sister Mom is really far on her not so much!Sister Prusse hard at work on her 4th of July lap quilt getting ready to sew the batting and backing on...whatever that it...I will find out in another year when i make it to that point!
Sister Lisby is my kind of lady she hadn't worked on hers since the last class like me so we were both sewing strips together! :) (Sister Prusse hiding from the camera...she didn't know i took the first one)
All of us who came this night hard at work...minus me because i am taking the pictures!
i cant wait for next month!

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