Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flower Power!!

My cute little my sister would say my "4 and 40 friends" it is true all my friends are 6 or under and my parents friends but i like it! They are a solid group always there for me. Like beautiful summer days made for picking flowers at the Hudson Gardens with Landon and Liza! The three of us had a lot of fun packing a picnic to bring in with us. we sad under a nice shade tree ate and looked at all the many flowers talking about which ones would be good for picking and taking home. I know you are not really suppose to pick flowers at gardens but they first wanted to go to the temple and i decided it would be better to pick the gardens flowers over the temples flowers...just don't tell any one. we only took a few and we took from the flowers that there were big piles of. But it was great fun hanging out with two of my little buddies.Liza looking at all her choices and picking out the two she liked and ran back arms out stretched with her new found treasure!
Landon wasn't nearly as picky about his flowers he looked over at them and just grabbed two but still just as excited running back to show me which ones he liked!
There were some giant sprinklers on that the kids wanted to play in to cool off before we headed home and i said yes of course. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. Awesome blossoms!! Those kids look like they're awesome!!!