Sunday, February 7, 2010

True Love!

I have such an amazing family...boy do I ever love them! But right now I have to say that I love having sisters! they are truly my best friends, my number one fans, my critics, my advise givers! They are my everything! I got a package in the mail from my sweet sister danyelle! She heard from my mom how I am always cooking and baking so she sent me some goodies! A homemade apron...because is the best and sent me some whisks! Yeah, no more forks and spoons for mixing! Thank you Wellie Woo! I sure do love and miss you!!!

a little after church baking!YEAH!!!! for whisks and my own apron!!!!


  1. You are way cute in your apron - wiskin' away. What a thoughtful gift! Your hair looks much lighter but it looks great! The only thing that would have made Friday night better is you being there! Miss you and love you! Mom

  2. OH you look SOOO cute!!! I can't take it!! LOVE your hair.

  3. car your hair is looking smashing!!! keep it this way!! you look like a babe...byui boys watch out!