Saturday, January 16, 2010

Killer on our Hands!!!

So, we have a killer on our hands up here in Idaho...on our way to the movies last weekend my roommates and I were falling "The Killer". We felt pretty cool...little CSI work going on! We would just like to call ourselves extremist! Any how, if you look at the first picture you can see the blood running out of the the second close up you can see not only the blood, but also the guts and brains! Yeah, that is right...guts and brains!see above you are thinking wow, blood...
below your are saying holly molly, there has to be at least 6 dead people in there -or- an animal a little hunting! We really liked the idea of bodies!
But, we decided if it were animals we are going with vampires are the owners of the car and they have there animals in the back that they are saving to feed on later...because they are good vampires that don't eat humans! So think what you may of our multiple ideas of what could be going on! If you by chance have any better ideas...feel free to lets us know! :0)

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