Monday, June 7, 2010

Prison Break!!!

So, I have a new favorite TV show that my roommate got me hooked on....Prison Break!!!! It is seriously amazing. For starters Wentworth Miller the leading actor of Michael Scofield is very easy to look at. Second, the show has a great plot that gets you sucked in and doesn't let you go. Third, there is a little love in it...Sarah Wayne Callies plays Dr. Sara Tancredi. The love story between Michael and Sara is so sweet you just love to see them together and watch the scenes they are both in again and again! This is seriously the best show I recommend it to everyone. I watched all four seasons and the final break in two weeks...I know a little crazy but once you start you just cant stop!!!Try and tell me that you would have a hard time watching him for a couple just cant!
A few pictures of the cutest couple!!!

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  1. Don't you love it when you find a new show?! It's so much fun! You should check out my craft blog--I wasn't sure if you'd seen it yet--go to
    Talk to ya later!