Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have some way amazing friends up here at school and we have taken some pictures on photo booth that I just have to share!!! I love these two girls soooo very much!!!This is my roommate Courtney...she is a peach we have become like sisters and we are so excited to live together in the fall! We cook together, do homework, listen to music, do 'just dance', and so so so much more together!!! we are partners in crime and I am okay with that!Check out the guns!!!we are going to die on the photo booth roller coaster! She is my snuggle friend...many times during the day I get hugs from this girl and I am totally okay with it! I love you Courtney... :)Oh yeah, we laugh....A LOT!!!This is Erika...we do a lot of random things together!One of our favorite things is to chill, eat snow cones, visit and laugh together!
We also share everything...minus underwear!
we actually discussed that the other day...yes, we are random!
This picture says it all with us...totally not paying attention and living the dream!!!

-Thanks for meeting a couple of my friend! I hope you feel you know them a little better and can see two of the many many reasons I love it here in Rexburg at BYUI so very much!

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