Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shout Outs!!!

So I was looking through my pictures and was just thinking how much I love college and I have some really amazing friends! I just wanted to make some shout outs to some of my best girls up here!!! and just share some fun times i have been having!

Me, Rachel, Lara, and Kylie
Sunday after church we decided to take pictures because it was our last Sunday together! I love all of the amazing girl friends I have made up here at school!Jump for joy!!Tom and Rachel
The happy couple...we want this to be an engagement picture!
I love this girl...her friendship is what started my more than daily visits to the south side of the building!
Miss Kylie and I went to the comic frenzy to support Elliot and we had lots of laughs! this picture is also for you...i am sporting the double chin look!
Some days you have a good hair day and this day I did and had to document it for sure!Well Breanna and I decided to go curly...we did each others hair one night and oh, how we looked good the next day!My eyes are not open very was still very early!
This is for Meagan, Erika and Noel...sporting the famous "Gommer" look!
Living life in total fasion :)Michele and I at her doctors appointment with her broken arm...this girl can always put a smile on my face!This is from my ward closing social. all semester we have been doing this family history olympics thing and it has been lots of fun. i have learned how to index which i love doing and i have gotten set up to find family member and i have found some and i have gotten to go and do family names at the temple. it has all really been great! but i got first place in my ward for names submitted to the temple. so here i am with my gold medal!

I look forward to many more semester with many more friends! : )


  1. So sorry you got the double chin trait form your mother... on a positive side looks like you have fun in spite of it! So glad you have nice friends there :o)

  2. oh hey my name is carlee and every picture i take i keep getting cuter and cuter...seriously that one of you and your new hair is gorgeous girl!!!! looks like you are having a blast!!!

  3. mom...I do have fun in spite of my inherited double chin...but my friends do laugh when i ask on an occasion if we can retake a picture! :)
    Ali...I love and miss you so much! I think about you at some of the most random times about the most random things! Thanks for the compliment girl it has been a great semester and I am way looking forward to next! oh the summer!!!!