Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today we had Stake Conference and after our apartment made tacos and invited our FHE BROS over: James, Thomas, David (Gandi) and Mark (for a little while) came over to eat. we really enjoyed having them over chatting it up listening to music and just having a peaceful friend loving sunday afternoon. Mark...good old guy showed up a little late ate four tacos and left...we can always cound on him for cleaning up any left overs we have...or things we don't want him to eat. Anyways being the great guys they are they had a lesson for us. Thomas when home for a nap and James and Gandi crashed on our are our cute brothers! You just cant help but love them!!!Look at James all cuddled up like a little kid on the love-sac!!! How Sweet!!!Gandi is going to have a kink in his next when he wakes up!!!
Sweet Dreams Boys!

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