Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time with my Grandparents!!!

Last week on Wednesday Grammie and Papa came and picked me up and saw my apartment and then I got to go to there place for the afternoon. It was great to be with family to get hugs just because and it was just wonderful. I love them so very much! I had a good time talking and visiting with them both on things going on and about life in general. We also had dinner together Hawaiian Haystacks!!! One of my favorites...they are so good to me! I love you Grammie and Papa! Thanks for being the best ever! :) ps: I just figured out how to do color!Papa Grammie and Me!
Papa and Grammie!
I took this just because I love my Grandparents. they use the toaster oven to store there cookies! i sure to love them...I cant wait until the next afternoon I get to spend with them! :)


  1. This had me laughing! Didn't you know cookies stay fresher in the toaster over?!? Silly! Gee I love those two people - and the cute girl beside them!

  2. I will have to try out the coockies in the toaster oven see how it work! I love those to people as well! They are so good to me!

  3. I love when family comes. They bring all the great feelings of home with them.