Saturday, August 8, 2009

18th Birthday!!!!

For my 18th birthday we headed up to Shanda and Chads and Danyelle and Jared came down and we went out to my favorite place: Olive Garden! It was alot of fun to just have everyone in the family together. One very special thing was that i was the brithday girl which meant i got to sit next to my sweet niece Payton and we had a wonderful time next to each other!
A few family pictures:

Payton and her Noodles!!! She is a blast to have around! great entertainment for sure!
Playing with phones at the dinner table! both of our backgrounds are of her so she likes to look at them!
From Shanda Chad and Payton got me a precordinated outfit for me! She really knows me! A shirt and bag that match to go with jeans for an outing at school! Payton has the shirt to show everyone while i check out the bag! How fun!!!
My sister Danyelle made me a door sign for my room at school. Little tack board on it that has a picture of us being silly sisters. Note pad and pens hanging from it. My name, cute paint job and the sisterly love it was made with!
Payton helping me open my present from mom and dad! A crock Pot for college! very exciting!
"Granny Papa come in my tent!!! It fun!!!"
In they went!
All of us in the tent! Granny said it smelt like toe jam!
Before Cake Payton insisted the Danyelle Jared and I join her for a tea party! "need suga, mmmm, more tea? here! You drink...need more? oh, toast! POP toast done her Jaren (Jared) you need butter!" I must say i have never been to such an exciting tea party before! Great host!Chad giving me 18 smacks on my back end and a pinch to grow an inch!!! That wind up is real he was really having a good time of this.
Payton after seeing her daddy give auntie spanks she decided she should get to as well. She would do a couple and look at everyone and see if it was ok then being cheered on by my loving family that she still had 15 more 11 more 6more and a pinch for an inch! lets just say ill be growing more than an inch with the number of pinches she gave me!
Payton helping me put candles on the cake!

A little birthday video...Payton has been asking me every time we talk the last few weeks if she could help me blow out the candles and of course i said yes! well, she stole my candle blowing thunder! But i suppose it was alright because i had a buddy for eating the cake and we had a fun messy time!

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