Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Girls!!!

On the weekends and really every day of the week I spend time with my girls! I love the girls I have meet and have become best friends with in my ward. We spend time in our living rooms doing homework, visiting, eating, watching movies and much more. Every now and then we do make it out of our apartment and last Friday we made it out to go and watch pond skimming and to go out and watch Dear John. I always have a great time with my girl friends and it is an added bonus when we go out.Stephanie, Alicia, Michele and I
Michele and I...the two have us have gotten really close this semester! I am really happy she will he here in the summer.Pond Skimming...starting at the top of hill snowboarding, skiing or sledding down to a pond of water they have to skim across.Reaching the water getting ready to skim!
And our favorite part the crashing and our not so favorite part...getting splashed with ice cold water when we are already cold! It was so much fun watching!Home from pond skimming and it is time to head out to the movies!
Kim, Rachel, Kylie and IYou have to go by wall greens for the movie treats!
Kylie and I had some fun taking some funny pictures before the movie started...this is our cross eyed picture.Mysterious Kylie! She makes me laugh and can always put a smile on my face.
I cant wait for the many more nights of fun with all my girl friends...maybe one of these nights I will have a date with a guy rather than the girls...who knows! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Papa!

I got to spend a great weekend with Grannie and Papa Winscot. I had a wonderful time visiting with them and just spending time with them. I really do love my special time with Papa. He knows so much and it is just the best to talk with him and learn from him. I got to spend some time with him out on Rigby Lake. He showed me all about ice fishing and we even took a ride down the hill on some real deal sleds...cardboard! I had a great afternoon with my best friend!

There we already a few holes out in the ice. Papa said some people must have gone out the day before so we used there holes. Here is a close up of the hole...I am a little sad you cant see through the water with the camera because I could look in and see the bottom of the lake and see the fish swimming pass. This is my favorite picture of papa. I feel it kinda captures him doing what he does! Notice the fish by his foot that he just caught...Go Papa!Grandpa was unhooking the fish he caught to through it back in.
Even though there were already holes made Papa still showed me how the ice ogger was really cool watching him do it and seeing him go deeper and all the ice shavings coming up!
Sledding Time:
Papa was so cute I took a couple runs down the hill while he fished a little longer and when we were heading out he turned to me and said he thought he would take a turn doing down and so he did. By the end he was going down backwards laying down holding on the the cardboard for dear life. Not many people can say that there grandpa still goes out sledding!
I sure do love my Papa and cant wait till the next time I get to spend some time with him!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

True Love!

I have such an amazing family...boy do I ever love them! But right now I have to say that I love having sisters! they are truly my best friends, my number one fans, my critics, my advise givers! They are my everything! I got a package in the mail from my sweet sister danyelle! She heard from my mom how I am always cooking and baking so she sent me some goodies! A homemade apron...because is the best and sent me some whisks! Yeah, no more forks and spoons for mixing! Thank you Wellie Woo! I sure do love and miss you!!!

a little after church baking!YEAH!!!! for whisks and my own apron!!!!