Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Photo Shoot

The other Sunday my roommate Kelsey went out and took pictures of some of us roommates (Amy Jo, Amanda and I) together. We had a really fun time playing in the leaves and having a little 'fall photo shoot' hope you enjoy as much as we did!"We were excited for a real fall in Rexburg"Can I just say 'my hips do not lie' there on the right! got to love the curves :)My goofy roommates
Rustic ladies on the bridgeCute shoes...I think yes!!!Amanda and IAmy Jo and ICute bum where you from...oh wait that is mine!again...and again...Carlee: What in the world are you doing Kelsey...are you taking a picture of my bum?
Kelsey: Hehehe! I have taken a couple, I kind of like them!
Got to love the fall leaves!This is a Carlee face for sure!This one is different but I really like it
Enjoy these ones below they are the turned out really niceThese water ones I have really fallen in love withHope you enjoyed them! I am really happy with how they all turned out!
love you all

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  1. Pictures are fun! Looks like a beautiful day! Fall only lasts 48 hours there so enjoy!