Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rexburg the Iceburg!

Just thought I should change my blog a little since I haven't done it in some time! There is so much to say but not enough time to say it all! I guess I will just tell a few highlights so you know what is going on.

-I've been to two choir concerts so far this semester.
-I've been to the cheep seats once. (I saw Harry Potter 7 part 1)
-I've gone on two dates...both the same weekend.
-I've visited my Grandparents once.
-We (meaning my girl friends and I) had some friends from out of town come into town for the long weekend.
-I went sledding once.
-Been to Idaho Falls twice for shopping and eating out somewhere not in Rexburg.
...Lets me think here!
-I've slipped on fallen on my butt more times then I fingers to count it one.
-I've had one job interview for possibly working at Jacob Lake Inn over the summer.
-Last but not least I am enjoying my time up here at school. I have wonderful class, great roommates and even better friends who will be friends for years and years to come!

I hope you all are enjoying your winter and hopefully staying a little warmer than I am!

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  1. Yeah! An update! You have been busy! Love and miss you daughter! I haven't gotten one of those "i love to see the Temple" text messages in a long time- they sure make me smile!