Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes!

So another late blog...but better late than never! So it was Antons birthday almost a month ago and Brianna and I were talking about what we should do. Being the girl that I am and loving to bake I said I would make the cake! In deciding what kind of cake to make I remembered a little cup cake project I had wanted to do but didn't get the chance...I decided I would make cup cakes rather than cake! I got started on a special cup cake cream cone cup cakes!!!! I made yellow cake batter than split it into 5 bowls. Turning each bowl a color (purple, blue, pink, lime green and yellow) then I started putting the colors into the cones and get multi colored cones if you don't mix them together! but them in the oven for the time you would for regular cup cakes (give or take a minute) and then you have ice cream cone cup cakes! That are fun colored. Then all you have to do is make some frosting and make it a color and you are ready to eat them!!!!Read to rock!
I filled the bottoms up with the yellow because I didn't want the yellow to be seen because it was not as fun to be on top. Then I loaded them up and made designs with the fun colors!
Look how fun they areI was checking on them and I guess I filled them up too high because they ended up looking more like melted ice cream cones! :)
Now I know for next time!
Last I had to make some blue frosting because that is Antons favorite color to but on the tops of them. We really enjoyed all of them. Between Brianna, Anton Courtney and I we ate them one sitting!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well I am really behind on my blogging and I decided I would start blogging again with what I find to be the most exciting thing that has happened since my last post and that is the Dam Marathon! I was a Dam Runner in the Dam Marathon held in Rexburg Idaho...My home where I go to school and spend all my days! I do love it there...anyways!!! I have been wanting to run a marathon for a few years now and I have done a few halves and when I heard there was one in Rexburg I signed right up! I didnt finish in first I was second to last but in my mind I did win! I finished and meet most of my goals! I ran the entire time, I didn't barf, I didn't finish last...the only goal I didn't meet was finishing in under six hours which I am okay with because I did run the entire time! It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!On my in!!!
I did it! I finished!!! 6 hours 23 min 9 secNumber 22...getting my potassium
Danelle...what a cheerleader!
Erika, she is a rock star! She was such a support to me. We went to the the potato dinner the night before together and she signed up and did the 10k in support to me for running! It was such great fun and I loved having her as a partner!
...looking forward to my next race!